Lano Sports

Lano nv began in 1920 as a carpet weaving business. Our company is still based in Harelbeke, in Western Flanders and is run by a member of the Lano family. In 1970 Lano nv merged with two other seasoned Belgian textile manufacturers. This marked a change in our company's organisation: while the parent company Lano Carpets continues to focus on carpets and rugs, the Lano Sports branch is focused on artificial turf for the sports industry.

Lano Sports was launched in the 1970s as one of the first companies in the world manufacturing artificial turf for sports purposes. We introduced the first and second generation sand filled and semi-sand filled systems. In the 1990s, we added our revolutionary systems with sand and rubber infill.

In the meantime, Lano Sports has devoted over 30 years to the pursuit of perfection. This is expressed not only in the design and production of our artificial turf pitches, but also in the service that we offer our customers. Our references are the best possible proof of our customised approach. We have remained faithful to our Western Flanders roots, but the list of national and international top sports clubs that are using our turf continues to grow, year after year.

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