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    For over 30 years, Lano Sports has been manufacturing and promoting high-quality artificial turf for a variety of sports. Because artificial grass not only makes a more pleasant surface for sports: it's also safer, more economical and sustainable. We share our passion for sports with our customers. This is what enables us to develop revolutionary systems for pitches for sports such as football, hockey, tennis, rugby and multisport.

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    Artificial grass looks exactly like lush, green, freshly cut natural grass. But it offers more advantages: artificial grass lasts longer, requires less maintenance and its condition is not affected by the weather. That’s a real plus, whether at home, at work, or in your city or town.  

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    With more than 30 years’ experience to build on, we understand that each sport and each project is unique.

    That's why we take a custom approach at Lano Sports. We work closely with our partners and clients throughout the entire process. And, as befitting a true athlete, we aim only for the top. Allow us to introduce our range of artificial grass surfaces.


    It's often said that nothing beats the real deal. But what if the alternative is actually better in certain ways? Our football pitches made from artificial turf are scarcely distinguishable from real grass. But where can you see a difference? Thanks to the high-tech standards, our pitches remain in perfect condition for years, regardless of the weather conditions, even after intensive use.

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    Nowadays, hockey is practically always played on artificial grass. That was different in the past. As a pioneer, we have helped to shape the developments in this sports discipline. We are known for two types of turf, which have been approved by the International Hockey Federation (FIH): our waterbased pitches and semi-sand dressed systems.

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    A rugby match involves a lot of hard running, scrummaging, rucking and mauling. Our artificial turf pitches are made with this in mind. The reinforced backing allows our turf to withstand intensive scrums, rucks, mauls and even hakas. The innovative combination of soft yarn and a flexible infill guarantees that slides and tackles will be comfortable.

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    At Wimbledon, according to a venerable tradition, they still play on natural grass. Meanwhile, most tennis clubs and stadiums have given up on alternatives such as clay, acrylic or porous tarmacadam: they have opted for artificial grass. And with good reason, because artificial grass gives that extra bit of spin to your court: the sand infill guarantees the best ball bounce, secure turns and safe sprints.

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    We apply the same high standards for all of our artificial grass mats. The result is that you can combine multiple sports on our artificial grass pitches, such as tennis, football, hockey and other ball sports. We developed our multisport pitches, especially for schools, clubs and other communities: the ideal space saving, budget friendly choice.

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    In the footsteps of Anderlecht! KVK Tienen chooses Lano Sports

    Football club KVK Tienen squares off against opponents in the Bergé stadium. Inspired by a cheering crowd of loyal supporters, the Tienen team puts its best foot forward at every match. In order to guarantee continued football fun in the coming…

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    The 1st FIH Global Elite certified field in India, and one of the happy few worldwide, goes to the Nandy Singh Hockey Fields 1&2 at the Indian Naval Academy in Ezhimala Payynur! #hockeysolution

    In the footsteps of Anderlecht! KVK Tienen in Belgium chooses Lano Sports. It’s not your average field, either: for the first time, KVK Tienen invested in an artificial turf pitch, which lasts longer and stands up to the wear and tear of daily use. “In the past, we used the field weekly. Now, we’re on it almost every day. Our first team, U23, youth divisions and veterans regularly use the field for training and games,” says chairman Willy Schepers with pride.

    With the motto ‘shaping future naval leadership’, the INDIAN NAVAL ACADEMY takes its goals very seriously. With 1,200 trainees present at any given moment, the academy is the largest of its kind on the Asian continent, and the 2nd-largest in the world. To support the physical and mental development of its cadets in the best way possible, the administration chose to install two brand-new artificial turf hockey fields by none other than Lano Sports. #hockeysolution #bestartificialturf #lanosports

    Two pitches ready for action at the University of Gloucester, UK. #rugbymastermax #profootMXSi #bestartificialturf #lanosports

    Are you curious to find out about projects near you?

    Have a quick look on our Reference-locator!