HC Beerschot

Flemish hockey clubs go for Lano’s renowned water-based pitches            

Thanks to the success of our Red Lions and Red Panthers in international tournaments, hockey is definitely on the rise in Belgium. In addition to enrolments, the number of playing fields is also increasing. Both the Wilrijkse Plein sports centre and the Royal Beerschot tennis and hockey club installed Lano Sports’ Hockey Solution water-based pitches last summer. And that’s no coincidence.

“For ten years our first team played on a traditional nylon turf from Lano Sports. A fantastic field if you ask me, undoubtedly among the best in Belgium,” Manager Patrick Goldberg says nostalgically. “But last summer, sadly, we had to thank it for services rendered. We could have kept the foundation perfectly well, but the turf and sprinklers were due for a well-earned replacement.”

“It went without saying that we wanted to collaborate with the Scheerlinck and Lano Sports duo again. We did doubt whether the new water-based pitch would be able to match our previous turf. Unjustly, as it turned out. Our new descendant is of unprecedented quality. Thanks to the modern sprinkler installation, a slight moistening suffices and we consume about 66% less water. The ball glides better and faster and slides are considerably safer. The Global FIH certificate opens international doors.”

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