It's often said that nothing beats the real deal. But what if the alternative is actually better in certain ways? Our football pitches made from artificial turf are scarcely distinguishable from real grass. But where can you see a difference? Thanks to the high-tech standards, our pitches remain in perfect condition for years, regardless of the weather conditions, even after intensive use.

  • Sturdy, emerald green, matte artificial grass fibre that gives the pitch a natural look
  • Optimal biomechanical qualities for increased playing comfort and shock absorption
  • Resilient layer guarantees consistent ball bounce and smooth ball roll
  • High-density and interwoven fibres ensure mats that last for years
  • Quality certified by international sports federations such as FIFA and UEFA

Lano Sports is a FIFA Licensee and a loyal partner to FIFA since 2002.

Our football qualities are compliant with all of the FIFA Standards and are awarded a FIFA Quality/QualityPro label.

Profoot TLT Star

Enduring greenness, lasting greatness.

Twist Lock Technology Improved
2 unique and perfect fibre shapes in one yarn

  • The sturdiest and greenest football grass ever
  • No loss of fibres, even after years of intense use the TLT Star remains in great shape

Profoot MasterMax

The new grass that will break records.

Resistant quality
Lasting stability

  • Unique double C profile fibres for greater resilience, strength and comfort
  • High density for a natural-looking green pitch with ideal characteristics for sport

Profoot Premier

Affordable Quality and Fun.

An incredible playing experience for every level

  • The perfect filament profile for a perfectly green pitch
  • An astonishing amount filaments resulting in a beautiful high density pitch

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