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New 3G football pitch for Rodborough School


The new Rodborough Community Football pitch looks glorious, all day and night! 

A fundraising was set up to build a 3G football pitch at Rodborough School with the aim to enable youngsters to play all year round and unite the community. "This project will have a particular focus on the development of female football and also integration of mildly autistic footballers into mainstream football sessions', states Nick Irwin from The Sustainable Schools Project in Godalming Nub News. Thanks to involvement of a range of local clubs and organisations - and immaculate lighting - the facilities will be available throughout the year, in the evenings, at weekends and throughout school days. 

Big thanks to everyone involved in this superb project and we wish all youngsters a lot of fun. 


Read the full article here.

Watch the video here

Quality: Profoot TLT Star 50-13, FIFA Quality Certified 

Project: Rodborough School, Surrey

Installation: Cleveland Land Services


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