RFC Standard Liege

The future talent of Standard trains on Lano Sports Profoot turf

To renew two playing fields at its renowned youth centre, Belgian football club Royal Standard de Liège teamed up with Lano Sports. As the board of directors wanted an ever ready-to-play training pitch, the Belgian club decided to swop two natural pitches for Lano's Profoot MXSi TLT artificial turf. A change for the future that the skilled Standard youngsters are more than happy to welcome. 

Even though there were no real issues with the natural playing fields at the Académie Louis-Dreyfus, Standard de Liège wanted to make the switch to artificial turf anyway. The club saw to main benefits: easy maintenance and the high rate of playability. And what's more, Standard's affinity for artificial turf goes all the way up: chairman Roland Duchâtelet has been a proponent of artificial grass for quite a while now.


Red orbit
A challenging tender was issued. Obviously, a club with such rich history attracted plenty of bidders. Why exactly was Lano's bid the winning one? Our Belgian sales manager Willem Van Lancker, involved in the deal, explained: "Because our solutions simply excel in quality. Besides, one of the specific demands was to integrate a red artificial running track surrounding the pitch." 

A sliding paradise
Initially, the Belgian club chose Lano Sports' Profoot MXSi 40, at the time our flagship turf. But shortly thereafter, the Profoot MXSi 40's successor was already in the wings: the Profoot MXSi TLT. Because we wanted only the best for Standard, we delivered this upgrade instead of its predecessor. "Our customer was delighted", remembered Van Lancker. "Profoot MXSi TLT has great softness and unmatched resilience, guaranteeing that players can play and tackle worry-free. Its unique twist lock technology, boasting two forms of fibres twisted together in the yarn, guarantees both great durability and greenness."

Two months, two pitches
Standard set a short timeframe in which to lay the new pitches and track. Normally, laying one pitch requires two months of work, so time was a real issue here. "It is the user-friendliness and relatively easy installation of our turfs that beat the odds here", said Van Lancker. Today, Standard's expectations are high, but the club can rest assured that its future squad will be able to train on a pitch that meets FIFA standards; day after day, year after year.

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