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Basford United spoils its stars with Lano Sports’ stadium pitch


'Raising the levels of our players implies doing the same for our field', they must have thought at Basford United FC. To encourage its stars - a professional First Team and a promising Academy squad - the football club from Nottingham switched to a FIFA stadium pitch. Lano Sports' Profoot MXSi TLT turned out to be their no. 1 choice.

The history of Basford United, a football club in Nottingham, dates back to 1900. Originally founded at the Old Pear Tree Inn, the club now plays at Greenwich Avenue. Its First Team players compete for the big prizes in the Northern Premier League, while the Academy squads are eager to follow in their footsteps. In order to keep on fostering its community and sports education, the club decided to improve their main pitch.

The grounds for talent

'In the past few years, our club has booked quite a few successes - both at the educational and at the sports levels', explains an enthusiastic Chris Munroe, Chairman of Basford FC. 'Given our talent, we're allowed to dream big. That is why we decided to upgrade our field to a stadium pitch with an artificial grass surface.'

'In fact, there was no doubt that our next upgrade had to be the move to artificial grass. These days, young scholars already play on artificial fields because of the many benefits', Munroe says. 'An example? The Profoot MXSi's unique TwistLockTechnology makes sure our pitch keeps its shape and greenness. From now on, our field is not only able to withstand English weather conditions, but also meets all of the latest FIFA quality standards regarding shock absorption, ball roll, ball bounce, etcetera.'

Big transfer

Basford United is one of the first Northern Premier League clubs to boast an artificial grass pitch. 'It's something we're very proud of', Munroe continues. 'Of course, the installation was a challenging step, as we had to meet stadium standards. But it was a real pleasure working with Lano Sports. The installers did a great job, and steered everything in the right direction. By keeping to a tight schedule, we were able to kick off the new season on fresh ground', Munroe adds.

Stage fright?

And the players? 'Oh, they're absolutely stunned by the improvements. To be honest, my suspicion is that they only have eyes for the fibres during the matches. How else can I explain our first three defeats?' Munroe laughs. 'For the time being, I'll assume that even our competitors love our field!'


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